‘Invitation to the future’: Yaesu introduces System Fusion for C4FM 12.5 kHz digital

Almost a full two years after Yaesu’s much-hyped announcement into digital communications, and almost a full year after their first digital radio approval from the FCC, the former subsidiary of Vertex Standard and popular amateur radio manufacturer unveiled their “System Fusion” platform at the ARRL/Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) conference in Seattle yesterday.

The mixed-mode (analog and 12.5 kHz C4FM digital) repeater, the DR1, will be available in November, according to the product bulletin. And the latest generation of the digital interface every repeater owner loves to hate, the WIRES-X interface HRI-200, will also be available in November according to the product bulletin.


The DR1 can be configured to allow a digital user to transmit in digital and the repeater will convert the digital signal to analog for non-digital users. The repeater is configured via a touchscreen interface on the face of the standard 19″ cabinet-mount unit.

From the product bulletin:

We are pleased to announce our exciting new Digital operating system, System Fusion, with attractive full-featured Dual Band C4FM / FDMA Digital products including our FT1D Handheld Transceiver, FTM-400D Mobile Transceiver and our Digital Repeater, DR-1. We are certain that the many useful and easy-to-use System Fusion features will be expanding your enjoyment of VHF & UHF Amateur Radio Communications.

Fact – Amateur Radio operators are always looking for diverse ways to enjoy radio communications. System Fusion is the perfect platform to feed their desire because it brings the right digital solutions to the Amateur VHF & UHF bands. Compared to other Digital modulation methods within FDMA, C4FM is recognized as producing superior audio quality. Equally as important, C4FM provides better reception while you are on the move or receiving challenging weak signals thanks to its better BER (Bit Error Rate) characteristics. C4FM is the principle mode used by professional communication devices in FDMA and is expected to continue to be the leading mode for digital radio communications long into the future.

However, we want you to know that we also strongly believe that conventional analog FM has a number of excellent features that continue to provide substantial advantages over digital modulations, such as low battery consumption and greater distance capability. Therefore, analog FM communications will continue to be the primary method for communication on the VHF & UHF Amateur Radio bands. System Fusion recognizes the continued need for existing conventional analog FM by including a FM Friendly interface; our uniquely flexible DR-1 Repeater that accepts signals from analog FM and FDMA / C4FM digital communication users.

Since introducing our FT1D Handheld Transceiver in June of this year, many Amateur Radio operators have already recognized and enjoyed clear and crisp voice communications provided through C4FM digital communications. It is not just the wonderful audio, though, that makes System Fusion the best Amateur Radio digital communications system. System Fusion is a full 12.5 kHz bandwidth system that includes the ability to transfer reliable high-speed data communications such as text messages, images, and voice memo data – the uses for these impressive features are limited only by your imagination!

System Fusion opens the door to an entirely new era of Digital Communications bringing Amateur Radio communication possibilities that were never possible with other digital solutions in the past.

More information can also be found in the System Fusion brochure, which includes information on Yaesu’s line of C4FM digital radios.

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